Professor Teaches Windows Vista Premium

Professor Teaches Windows Vista Premium 1.0

A budget and complete video training for Windows Vista Home Premium
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Individual Software, Inc.

Microsoft introduced several new Windows flavors (editions) with Windows Vista: Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Premium, Basic and Starter edition; each of them represent a mix of present and missing features that were announced during Windows Longhorn Project and are supposed to exist in order to offer a version of Vista for each need and budget. However this also cause confusion between buyers and end users.

Due to this confusion, a training for the all Windows Vista edition might not be practical if you only own one of them, therefore Individual Software released a Professor Teaches series for each version; I had the oportunnity to test Vista Premium and Ultimate version, and both were excellent, but lets talk about Professor Teaches Vista Premium.

This voice guided training contains 9 chapters that covers basic windows uses like working with files, changing the desktop background, using email, etc, some of you may figure out how to do those task but most of the users were used to deal with Windows XP interface and Vista have just changed everything, for example: where is the start button?

The product is targeted for home users (just as this windows version is) who need to learn everything from scratch and it delivers what it promise very well, it can be purchased online or on any local retailer for 20 dollars or less and includes some practices and interactive menus that make it more interesting.

If you are not a tech guru and use your PC for email and work, this training is perfect for you.

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